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Most frequent questions and answers

All PIO cards will be expired on 30th September 2020.

Moreover, OCI card holder has a lot of benefits:

  • He/she does not have to register themselves in the Foreigners’ Registration Office (FRO) or the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), irrespective of the length of their stay.
  • They enjoy the same level of parity when it comes to receiving economical, educational or financial benefits such as:
    • Admitting their children in Indian educational institutions under the general quota as the NRIs, including in the medical and engineering colleges, and IITs and IIMs.
    • Availing housing schemes from various state and central government agencies as well as those offered by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC).
    • Holding, transferring, disposing, and acquiring various forms of immovable properties, except plantation and agricultural properties.

Any person who, or whose parents or grand-parents were born in
India as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935 (as originally
enacted), and who was ordinarily residing in any country outside India was
eligible to become citizen of India on 26.01.1950.


Yes, if he/she is eligible in his/her own capacity.

Yes, if either of the parents is eligible for OCI.

Yes. Part A of the application form can be filed online. Part B can be
downloaded and printed on computer or by hand in Block letters. Printed
Part A and Part B of the application form has to be submitted to the Indian

The following documents shall be enclosed for each applicant:
1. Proof of present citizenship
2. Evidence of self or parents or grand parents,
(a) being eligible to become a citizen of India at the time of
commencement of the Constitution; or
(b) belonging to a territory that became a part of India after
15 th August, 1947; or
(c) being a citizen of India on or after 26 th January, 1950
These could be:
(i) Copy of the passport :or
(ii) Copy of the domicile certificate issued by the Competent
authority ;or
(iii) Any other proof.
3. Evidence of relationship as parent/grand parent, if their Indian
origin is claimed as basis for grant of OCI.
4. Application fee by way of Demand Draft (US $ 275 for each
applicant or equivalent in local currency; US $ 25 or equivalent
in local currency for each PIO card holder). In case of
application filled in India, fee Rs.14,230/- for general category
and for PIO card holders Rs.1,290/- to be paid by way of
Demand Draft.
5. PIO card holders should submit a copy of his/her PIO card.

Yes, provided he/she is otherwise eligible for grant of OCI like any
other applicant.

No. He/she has to make a payment of US $ 25 or equivalent in local
currency along with the application & Rs.1,290/- in case of application is
filled in India.

CategoryOCI CardPIO Card
Fees$275 $25 in case the applicant already has a PIO Card $25 for miscellaneous services due to the change of passport$388
Registration in FRO/FRRONot required, irrespective of the period of stayNeed to be updated after 180 days, for which an additional 30 days are provided
Visa validityLifelong validity once it is issuedValid for 15 years once it is issued
Can they obtain Indian citizenship?Citizenship can be obtained after five years of holding the OCI. However, they need to stay in India for a minimum of 1 yearOne can apply for a citizenship after staying in the country for a minimum of 7 years
Access to restricted areasNo permission requiredOnly after prior permission is obtained

The procedure for getting an OCI card is mentioned above. Anyone can apply for an OCI card oneself. However, with the PIO cards expiring on 30th September 2020, there will be a rise of OCI applicants and a seeking our expert online consultancy is advisable to make the procedure hassle-free for you. With LawAdvisorIndia you will be in safe hands.

Service price 100 $ + Taxes

*By booking this service you accept the T&C

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