NRI Divorce without visiting India, is it possible?

Overview of NRI Divorce

The matter of NRI Divorce is quite complicated and people are usually not aware of the legalities involved with it. First and foremost, it is necessary to understand the implication of the NRI divorce procedure in the USA. The concern arises when a marriage, with an Indian sanction, is in front of the foreign court for termination. Such an event develops uncertain questions, which need to be looked at both technically and fundamentally.

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Procedure of NRI Divorce


We’ll understand your exact query regarding NRI divorce. Are you the grieved party and have got a notice or are you planning to serve the notice? New Ticket will be generated along with your case summary and submitted in our system for further action.


We’ll assign you a divorce lawyer who has the most experience and a successful history in cases similar to yours. Our very resourceful lawyers as well as your personalized case manager would be available on call 24*7 at timings which suit you the most. The aim is to simplify NRI divorce procedure for you and to serve you with expedited justice. 


You’d be requested to submit the original/attested photocopies of the documents which are required for the entire procedure of NRI divorce to the NRI lawyer which has now been assigned to you. 


Presenting any communication related to the dispute between you and your spouse.This will include the phone calls, e-mails exchanged, sms’s, WhatsApp communication.


In most of the cases of NRI divorce, one spouse files claims to professional superiors of the other spouse. Any such external communication will be discussed upon.


Once your case file is strongly made and completely fit for the case, we’ll take the matter into the concerned court. You may/ may not require to visit India in case of an NRI divorce procedure. It depends on case to case. To know more, call us now to get connected with best NRI lawyers for free legal advice. 

Documents Required for NRI Divorce

Why Law Advisor India?

Law Advisor India along with the panel of effective and resourceful NRI lawyers provides fastest NRI legal services. If you’re an NRI and are stuck with any legal work in India. We ensure we’ll get it done for you in record time.


Cost of NRI DIVORCE starts from 35$  and varies according to the complexity of your case. This 35$ includes the primary NRI divorce lawyer consultation fees along with the documentation cost. 

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FAQs about NRI Divorce

According to the general principal of law a foreign decree is conclusive in india in normal circumstances This based upon the principal of rejudicata means when disputr has been adjucated by the court it should not be reagitated again and again so to prevent the watage of judicial time and expenses and more importantly to ensure certanity in human relations but forign divorce won’t recognised based on certain conditions

We can’t say divorce in India is easy, well it depends on your case if there is mutual consent between husband and wife it’s become easier.

The average time for a divorce is 6 month – 1 years . It totally depends on nature of the case.

If one of the spouse lives in US and other in india it is still possible to file for divorce in the US but according to the latest supreme court of india ruling the grounds for divorce should be recognized by the Indian law

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