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Mr. Manu Sharma

Criminal Defence Specialist

Work Experience

Advocate Manu Sharma has been practising at the bar for over sixteen years. He specialises in Criminal Defence and has a track record of getting his clients relief in a whopping 95 per cent of the cases! Some of the high profile cases he has represented are – the 2G scam case for former Union minister A Raja; the Religare/Fortis case for Malvinder Singh; Peter Mukerjee in the P Chidambaram/ INX Media case; Devas Multimedia in ISRO corruption act case; Om Prakash Chautala in PMLA case; Aditya Talwar in the aviation scam case; Dilip Ray, former Coal Minister in one of the coal scam cases; Suhaib Illyasi case. 

After getting enrolled with the Delhi Bar in December 2003, Advocate Manu Sharma initially started in the chambers of Pandit RK Naseem, who was the best trial lawyer in those days. He worked with him for three and a half years, got a lot of trial court experience while working with him and assisting him on some really big trial matters. Then Advocate Manu Sharma joined Mr Gopal Subramanium for a very short stint in the Supreme Court because for me SC experience was also very important. In 2009 he went independent and since then he’s been independently practising Criminal Law. All his work is Criminal Defence. He only takes up defence matters and rarely takes up any prosecution case or complainant case.


PRACTICE AREAS: Delhi High Courts and Trial Courts

EDUCATION: Faculty of Law, Delhi University, 2003 batch.

Bar Council ID No. : D1974/2003

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