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Most frequent questions and answers
  • It is advised to use the © sign once the Copyright application is filed and you receive acknowledgement receipt.

No, the registered trademark is only valid in the country it has been registered. For e.g. a trademark registered in India will only be valid in India.


A Copyright is the type of IPR that can be sold, transferred, gifted or franchised through a license or agreement.

In case an objection to your application is raised by the Trademark Office or any other person, you will be required to submit a written response within one month. After considering your response, the Trademark Office may clear the objection or may direct you to appear for a personal hearing.

It is advisable that you seek assistance of an expert lawyer to get the objections removed. The lawyer will help you draft an adequate reply to the objection and if need be, personally appear and argue the matter before trademark authorities. Law Advisor India can help you in representing your case in the event of an objection being raised. Hire an expert trademark lawyer for removal of objections.

In case a response is not submitted to the application, your trademark application will be abandoned by the Trademark office.

A Copyright registration is valid for a period of 60 years.

Trademark protects a brand name, logo or slogan, i.e. the identity of the business. Copyright protects the original work of an artist in the literary, musical or artistic work.

No, a Patent can be easily registered online with Legistify’s premium legal services.

A software can be patented if it fulfils the patentability criteria of being novel, non-obvious and industrial applicability. Also, the software must not be falling under the category of non-patentable items.

The patent registration in India is valid for 20 years, after which the Patent will open for objections from the general public.

Service price 100 $ + Taxes

*By booking this service you accept the T&C

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