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There are almost 32 million NRIs spread out there in the world. At an average the time taken by an NRI legal matter is a shocking 1.3 years!  Our best Indian lawyers in UAE will ensure you get expedited justice in the least tiresome and most cost effective manner. We’ll match you with one of our best NRI lawyer after comprehensively understanding your legal query. In case you’re facing an emergency, feel free to click the button below and call us right away for a free legal consultancy.

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NRIs across the world face a lot of issues regarding buying a property in India or selling their property in India or about inheriting their property via Succession certificate or Gift deed. At times, the parasitic tenant causes trouble and evicting them becomes necessary. Get in touch with our best NRI property lawyers in UAE to resolve your property matters.


With the much looked up to NRI grooms, there are a lot of complaints we’ve heard about NRI divorce. If you’re the husband who needs a divorce or if you’re the wife who has been cheated by your NRI husband, get in touch with our best NRI divorce lawyers in UAE to understand how you can get a divorce with least complications and most cost effectively.


Plenty of times, the wife books the NRI husband under IPC section 498A, and the relatives under 498B. If you’ve any FIRs being issued on your name or if you fall under the proclaimed offender category, do not waste this crucial time. Immediately get in touch with our best NRI criminal lawyers in UAE.


If you’re facing any immigration related issues, be it the conversion of PIO to OCI card or if you’re requiring any help from our best NRI immigration lawyers in UAE. Call us Now.


Don’t waste your time in visiting India to get your patent done. Outsource it to our panel of best NRI patent lawyers in UAE and let them handle and convert your innovation into a patent without you having to visit India.


Are you looking for any legal documentation service ranging from Power of attorney to will drafting or are you trying to recover or re issue your birth certificate or marriage certificate or death certificate. Our panel of best NRI lawyers in UAE for documentation are available at your service. 

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Law Advisor India along with the panel of effective and resourceful NRI lawyers provides fastest NRI legal services. If you’re an NRI and are stuck with any legal work in India. We ensure we’ll get it done for you in record time.

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We at Law Advisor India are actively providing NRI legal services with our best NRI lawyers in USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, UAE, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Our branches in India are located in New Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Chennai and Pune.

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FAQs about best NRI Lawyers

Lawyers in UK, US, Singapore, Dubai etc charge a lot of money on hourly basis. In order to reduce the expenses, many corporations send their legal work over to India where it can be done in the fraction of the cost. There are companies in India who receive this work and allot it to law graduates employed by it.

These law graduates accomplish the required work and send the finished documentation to the client abroad. All the work and exchange of information in the LPOs takes place online. The LPOs get paid by the foreign client for the work accomplished.

  • The LPOs follow the corporate format which ensures uniformity in the work space. Promotions, increments, hierarchy, proper office spaces, safer environment for women and other associated benefits.
  • The work hours are generally fixed for 8 – 10 hours everyday. The standard is 9 am to 6 pm, but it might slightly differ if the LPO caters to UK or US clients.
  • The salary levels vary from one LPO to another. The bigger LPOs pay around Rs. 30,000-45,000 for freshers. whereas the smaller LPOs offer anything between Rs. 20,000 to 25,000.
  • The option of working from home is also available as the projects are mostly conversed through online mode.

Answer these 3 questions before choosing the best NRI property lawyer for yourself:

1- Which state are you looking for a property lawyer in?

2- What’s the exact need of the lawyer? 

3-Can you do it yourself using a special power of attorney?

You will 

We can’t say divorce in India is easy, well it depends on your case if there is mutual consent between husband and wife it’s become easier.

The average time for a divorce is 6 month – 1 years . It totally depends on nature of the case.

Being into this business for 22+ years, Advisory board at Law Advisor India makes decision making for NRIs very easy when it comes to choosing a law firm for their NRI legal services. Undoubtedly, Law Advisor India is the best firm for NRI legal services.

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