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NABC or Non availability of birth certificate india is a legal document stating that the birth record of a particular person has been intricately searched but is not available. It is officially specified under the provisions of Section 17 of Registration of Birth & Death Act. This document can be utilized as a permit to get a new birth certificate. The selected authority to issue an NABC in India is the Municipal Corporation (MC).

If it is a rural district and there isn’t any such authority, you can get it from the vaccination department. The authorization of issuing NABC document stays by the head of Para-medical staff. One can then exercise this document to register the unregistered birth.

Non availability of birth certificate India format
Sample Affidavit for non availability of birth certificate India

Situations for Unregistered Birth

There can be occurrences when these authorities do not come under the appropriate choice like-

  1. When the person is born in jail
  2. The person’ birth takes place in a vehicle
  3. When the person is born at home
  4. The person’s birth happened at a public place

In all of these situations mentioned above, according to the law in India, an individual can stopover to the closest MC office where the birth took place for withdrawing his/her Non-availability of Birth Certificate. As a testimony-

  1. The person can show the letter of jail or in charge in case if the location is in jail or in a vehicle.
  2. A letter can be given by the head of the family along with two other eyewitnesses (friends, family members or relatives) who were at least ten years old at the time of the birth in case the birth took place inside the house.

Modes to apply for Non- Availability of Birth Certificate India

There are different ways to apply for NABC in India.

  1. Direct Method implies a visit to your nearby MC office and make an appeal to the Registrar or the Health officer. The registrar would provide you a printed application form that needs to be filled by you or he/she may issue an affidavit on a letterhead.
  2. Online Method is a favorable mode for withdrawing the NABC and it also saves time and money.

Step by Step process to apply for Birth Certificate from India online

The step by step procedure to obtain NABC via online method is-

  1. Open the website of the MC of your state.
  2. Register to their web services by the need of a voter card or an Aadhar card.
  3. Once the registration is complete, go to the form titled “Issuance of delayed birth order” and download it.
  4. Fill out the appropriate information in that form and upload scanned copies of supporting documents (identity proof, address proof and proof of birth).
  5. After the submission, pay the online fees for the same.
  6. To validate the information, it generally takes a week or a month and then the NABC is provided.
Birth Certificate from India online
Format for non availability of birth certificate india online

Authorities Responsible for issuing NABC in India

In Urban Areas, the Municipal Corporation of the region in which a person is born has been assigned this vocation of issuance of birth certificate.

In Rural Areas, Para-medical staff is available in every village that has been authorized for the issuance of certificate. Along with this, the person can also visit the Gram Panchayat Office in his village and receive the certificate from there.

For Non-resident Indians who are born before 1969 when the registration rule came into power, the Indian consulates can also issue the NABC certificate.

Documents required to apply for Non Availability of Birth Certificate India

  1. Photocopy of Passport
  2. Proof for date of birth like 10th Passing Certificate, school leaving certificate etc
  3. Identification Proof with location of Place of Birth like Copy of House tax receipt/Allotment letter/Sale deed / hospital record /Ration Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID etc
  4. Affidavits from parents and relatives
  5. Signed Authority Letter

The drafting of non availability of birth certificate india affidavit should involve the below mentioned aspects-

  1. One should draft the affidavit should on the stamp paper only.
  2. It should be drafted under the observation of the Gazette officer like any magistrate, commissioner of oath or justice of peace or any other one.
  3. Declare the name of the petitioner as the ‘beneficiary’.
  4. Declare the name of signing parties as the ‘deponent’. He/she is the person who is the witness of the petitioner’s birth.
  5. The format of the date should be “MM/DD/YYYY”.
  6. The authorities must notarize or attest it.
  7. If the affidavit is made in any European country, the surname should be prefix while the actual name of the petitioner should be the suffix.

Types of Evidence required in case of NABC

Primary evidences

Primary evidences serve the purpose only in few occasions while one is obtaining NABC because one has to show the original birth certificate is a damaged copy. Although there is no need of secondary evidence or additional evidence if primary evidences are present.

Secondary evidences

Secondary evidences are the ones where presented credentials should have concrete evidence of petitioner’s eligibility to state unavailability certificate of birth. The issuing authority would administer the request after going through the secondary evidences.  

Different secondary evidences according to different cases are as follows

  • Hospital reports of the child’s birth with the name of the child and parents on them.
  • School official document, like mark sheet, school leaving certificate, matriculation degree, graduation degree and so on, declaring the name of the ward along with the parents’ name.
  • If the minor is in school, you can attain a letter from the school’s principal with details the date of admission, date of birth and parents’ names, place and the child’s age at that time.
  • Status of Federal Census records like Ration Card which has the name of the person along with the parent’s name.
  • It can also be the record of any rituals that occurred after the child’s birth.
  • Adoption decree judicial proceeding’s papers in case of adoption
  • Other legal documents like Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card and Passport
  • Affidavits

The issuing authority accepts at least three affidavits to approve the request of getting NABC in India. Thereafter, the Municipal Corporation will release the non-availability of the birth certificate within a stipulated period.

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FAQs for NRIs

Is the fee structure of birth certificate and NABC same?

The Government does not charge for the issuance of birth certificate if it has surpassed 21 days of the birth. Instead it denotes that its first original copy is absolutely free. But the issuance of NABC is charged from the authorities. Its cost is changeable as per norms of the State Government. The payment is done through a draft or in cash. If the mode is online, the option of online payment is open for the candidate and can use debit or credit card to pay.

How to identify the appropriate zone of birth to get NABC?

It’s compulsory that the birth should be registered with the MC from the nearby location. Thus, the same authority holds the entitlement to issue non-availability of birth certificate. But the birth place can be any location, for reference, the delivery taken place in the moving vehicle.

What is the difference between Birth Certificate and NABC?

Birth certificate is legal record that authenticates a person’s identity and nationality. On the contrary, NABC although being a legal document is issued only in the absence of the certificate of birth to the bearer. In other words, it is an authentic evidence to get unregistered birth registered.

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