How to get birth certificate from India online: The complete NRI guide [Updated July 2020]

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Whether you’re applying for a Green Card or if you have a newborn child, it is certain that you must’ve felt the need of issuing an Indian birth certificate online for your offspring, parents, or yourself. As an NRI in the USA , it becomes really important to understand how to get birth certificate from India online during these corona times. To help NRIs in USA understand all the nuts and bolts of getting a Birth Certicate in India we’ve complied the complete NRI guide on How to get birth certificate from India online. Let’s get started!

What is a Birth Certificate?

The birth certificate is an important official document which serves an imperative requirement for every individual. One’s Birth Certificate is also mandatory to avail different services and facilities for living purposes but its primary agenda is to prove one’s age. The online application process to obtain a Birth Certificate in India can be easily pursued especially for an NRI because of the internet. Hence, with the right information, obtaining a birth certificate online will allow an easy approach to a legal representation.

Sample of Birth Certificate India
Sample of Birth Certificate India

Indian Birth Certificate and its Importance

A Birth Certificate in India is the most significant identity document. It serves to ascertain the date of one’s birth to be used as proof for future references. Birth certificate in India is necessitated for acquiring the right to vote, admission to schools, attaining Government identity documents like driving license or Passport. The certificate may be needed in one of the following instances:

  • New born offspring
  • Misplacement of primary Birth Certificate 
  • Birth Certificate was never released 
  • Looking for admission in educational institutions 
  • Employment
  • Determining one’s age with any institution 
  • Immigration requirements like applying for Green Card 
  • Obtaining miscellaneous certified documents

Indian Authorities who issue Birth Certificate

In Urban India, the Registration of Birth and Deaths Act, 1969 consents birth registration. Municipal Corporations are the authority that is accountable to look after it. The registrar or sub-registrar addresses this issue in every region.

In Rural India, the para-medical staff looks after this system.

However, the physical barrier is eliminated. Any person can apply online to obtain a Birth certificate in India. With the help of the internet anyone can visit the virtual Municipal Corporation office. The official website is

What are the documents required to get the Birth Certificate in India?

The documents required to get the Birth Certificate in India online are as follows:

  1. Affidavit of one parent/ relative with details like place, date and time of birth of the person with attested copy
  2. Attested photocopy of testimony for date of birth like Aadhar card, voter ID card, PAN card, driving license or any other document  
  3. Attested photocopy of identity evidence of one Parent
  4. Attested copy of identity proof of the candidate 
  5. Proof of address of the location of the birth place along with an attested photocopy
  6. Signed letter from an authority 
9 steps to get birth certificate from India online
Get Birth certificate online in India

9 step procedure to get birth certificate from India online 

For the online procedure, the birth has to be informed through the website within 21 days of the occurrence of the event.

  1. Open the website- 
  2. Go to the left pane where the signup dialog box will be available. 
  3. Move to General Public Signup and register yourself. 
  4. Fill up all particulars 
  5. If the Registration Unit field would be active and displaying the name, it signifies that your place avails this facility. 
  6. Confirm the registration process and sign in again with the new login password 
  7. A form will emerge to fill the name of the child, parents and location. 
  8. Submit it within 24 hours and keep a soft and hard copy
  9. Get the form attested by registrar or sub-registrar. This can be done with the help of a trusted power of attorney or any other association handling the NRI legal affairs if an NRI is physically unavailable to be present. Also, this cannot be done by post and should be attested in person only. 

Users will be notified about the status of the application through e-mail. To verify the status of Birth certificate online, use the Application Reference Number on the website. After the complete procedure, the birth certificate will be conveyed at the address you have provided. 

Online application form to get the birth certificate in India
Online application form to get the birth certificate in India

How long does it take to get a Birth certificate online from India?

It would take approximately 7 days to 3 weeks to get a Birth certificate online from India. NRIs mostly choose the online option as the passport authority accepts the attestation issued by the Municipal Corporation. 

We can also help you with the issue, re-issue and a duplicate Birth Certificate if you’re an NRI.

Fee structure applicable to obtaining Birth Certificate online in India

  1. Within 21 days of the event of Birth, there is no fee amount. First copy is provided by the Hospital complimentary. 
  2. After 21 days to 30 days of Birth, Rs. 7 is charged as a late fee. 
  3. After 30 days to within 1 year of the event of Birth, Rs. 10 is charged as a late fee. 
  4. After 1 year of the happening of Birth, SDM Order from local area is required with an additional charge of Rs 15. 
  5. To register name in Birth Certificate, Rs. 10 is charged. 
  6. For Birth Certificate, Rs. 20 is charged for one copy as a fee. 

How to reissue birth certificate in India?

The procedure of reissuing birth certificate in India is similar to withdrawing the original birth certificate in India. Withdrawing the certificate within 21 days of the birth will be free. Subsequently, it would be a billed service. The State Government sets up the fee structure of this certificate. It may differ from state to state. The Delhi Municipal charges Rs 20 for each new copy of the birth certificate. And, it also charges Rs 7 for searching the previous records.

Non-availability of birth certificate (NABC)

NABC or Non-Availability of Birth Certificate states that the applicant’s birth was not registered before. It is issued after searching the old books of all birth documents. Afterwards, the Registrar will reissue the birth certificate in India.

How to get birth certificate if not registered (NABC)?

  1. Register with the appropriate State MC’s site. 
  2. Fill the form of Non-Availability of the Birth Certificate from the service menu and take a copy. 
  3. Visit the MC office and verify the form with supporting documents 
  4. After the Registrar verifies and attests the documents, the certificate will be issued. 
  5. Further, the court will reissue the birth certificate after showing the appropriate and attested documents from the Registrar. 

How to change details in Birth Certificate?

Some reasons of modifying details in the birth certificate include changing the birth certificate age or changing the birth certificate date. These are errors that can happen to anyone and are relatively easy to cure. Simply contacting the vital records department that was accountable for issuing the original certificate will avail the information needed. Get in touch with us in case you want to rectify details on your birth certificate or issue a new one.

When it comes to updating a birth certificate after a name change or after adoption, the procedure is a little more detailed. If the person is under 1 year of age, the paperwork can be submitted without any court order. Otherwise, after 1 year of age, if the name change is not because of marriage, there is a requirement of a proper legal framework. Also, a name change because of marriage doesn’t require a legal name change on the birth certificate. 

Below are the 3 steps to modify the details in the birth certificate

  1.  Send an application to the concerned Authority 
  2. Produce the necessary documents 
  3. If all the documents are correct, then the Registrar will issue the certificate. However, in case the authority rejects the application, then one can also file a writ of mandamus in the High Court, contending that the Registrar or other issuing authority to explain reasons for the same. 
Name change for birth certificate sample affidavit

FAQs for NRIs to obtain an online birth certificate from India

How to check status of birth certificate? 

The status can be checked by visiting the issuing website of the appropriate State Government for online submissions of application.  

Can you make duplicate birth certificate? 

Yes, you can apply for a spare birth certificate at the Municipal office of the location of the birth by submitting apt documents and records proving date of birth, place of birth and an affidavit stating the loss of original birth certificate. 

What is the process of birth registration? Can I get a certificate without registration? 

To attain a birth certificate, the birth has should not be registered because a ‘Non Availability Birth Certificate’ is produced. 

Can Registration of births be done at any place irrespective of the place of occurrence?  

No, birth can be registered at the location of occurrence only.  

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