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Will is a legal document made by a person regarding the allocation of his/her property after his/her death. It is a declaration made by a person at any time when he was in good state of mind in respect of his/her property after death. 

You can avail our services and our experts will consult you in the best way to draft your will. It generally takes less than hour to do so.

As in general it is a document which states what property of the testator should go to whom after the death of the testator. The will is basically done to avoid the problems in the future.

Certified drafting @ 50 $ + Taxes

*By booking this service you accept the T&C

Steps Required
  • Familiarizing
  • with you
law advisor india knowing you

We would connect with you on call and know your purpose

  • Commencing
  • your procedure
law advisor india filing for service

We would deploy our experts and get your will generated in no time.

  • Delivering
  • certified documents
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The will  is delivered to you in the most suitable way ensuring customer satisfaction

Documents Required

A list of minimum required documents is given below. Any other relevant document if needed by your lawyer will be told in due time.

• A list of your assets and details of beneficiaries


Most frequent questions and answers
  • A Will is a legal declaration describing a person’s wishes about distribution of his/her wealth after the person’s death.
  • To choose who will inherit your assets
  • To decide who will raise your kids
  • To appoint someone to settle your affairs

Dying without making a will means you’ll have no say over who receives your property. State laws will decide.

The person who makes the will.

Yes, you can. However, with our experts you can be stress free and tell them your wish and they will draft your will in the most efficient way. Be assured.

A Codicil is a document made when there is any addition or deletion in the Will. It is similar to will& it is considered as a part of the Will.


Service price 100 $ + Taxes

*By booking this service you accept the T&C

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