Air India sold out? How can you travel from India if Air India tickets are all sold out?

With the phase 5 of Vande Bharat Mission all set to begin from 1st August, a lot of international fliers are still facing difficulty in booking ticket from as Air India is sold out. All the dates till November show Sold out on the official website and mobile application of Air India. Tickets from each category, economy, Business, and First class are all being shown sold out. Here are the 3 best ways you can still travel as part of the Vande Bharat Mission despite Air India tickets sold out.

Air India sold out during Vande Bharat Mission
Air India sold out during Vande Bharat Mission

What is the Vande Bharat Mission?

It is a mission under the Centre Govt of India. Under the mission the goal is to get back almost 15,000 stranded Indians from as much as 12 countries. Air India plays a very crucial role as a part of this mission. The first phase of Vande Bharat Mission started on 7th May and the 5th phase is on the verge to begin from 1st of August 2020.

Air India and Vande Bharat Mission

The guidelines for travel via flights are critically laid down and available on the Air India official website.

Air India tickets can be booked from here.

How to successfully book Air India tickets when site shows sold out?

Air India tickets sold out?

Alot of International fliers are facing this issue. We have been observing this since May 2020. After going through the protocol, FAQs, and the undertakings which are necessary to travel Internationally via Air India, a lot of complaints have been raised when people have been seeing SOLD OUT on all the dates until as far as November. Here are the 3 best ‘Do it yourself’ ways to successfully book an Air India ticket from India as a part of the Vande Bharat Mission if the site shows sold out.

3 ways to successfully book an Air India ticket in case the site shows SOLD OUT

  1. Try changing the Ticket category: There are chances that in the default view of the web or app version of the Air India portal, you’re only looking at the Economy class tickets. You can try changing the category to Business Class or First Class. These are costlier hence might be available.
  2. Nearby airports: In case the first method doesn’t work and all the categories of Air India tickets are sold out, you may want to change the departure or arrival airport to any nearby one from your preferred one.
  3. Contact the Air India support: The last resort can be to contact the Air India staff at the helpline number 0124 264 1407 or mail them at . However, this way would not be our most recommended way as we’re sure Air India is getting a lot of such queries and they surely can’t revert back to all.
  4. BONUS WAY: Fill the form below and let’s assist you or WhatsApp us at +91-9654999322 for emergency travel plans.

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airplane, preflight, night
Phase 5 flights as per Vande Bharat Mission

Let us help you out. We are vigilantly keeping an eye on the cancelled and returned Air India sold out tickets and trying to help the stranded NRIs in India who want to travel abroad during covid via Air India.

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